Project Management

Tired of all the missed deadlines ? Trying to keep track of who is working on what ?

We manage projects to meet project deliverables on time, in scope and within budget. Whether the project calls for an agile approach, legacy waterfall or hybrid, we will manage all project resources, tasks and assure that we meet the project deliverables. Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project tasks to meet requirements and schedules. Our experienced team will not only manage resources to meet the milestones and deliverables, we also utilize technology to keep stakeholders informed.


Plan effectively and anticipate issues.


Communicate often across various mediums.


Lead diverse groups of team members.


Execute with precision.

Why partner with velocity

We are a technology partner skilled in innovation to support organizations of all sizes. We assist our clients by becoming a critical team member to help them plan and execute solutions that produce results for near-term as well as position for growth for the long-term. We are technologists and really love what we do. We see each engagement as an opportunity to give our best to help our clients achieve success.