Mysmart Stop App

The goal of the app is to use smart phone technology and GPS technology to make traffic stops safer. This app allows motorists to send key information to officers as soon as they are being pulled over by a police officer. This ensures that the officer has this information before the officer approaches the car. The Officer’s name is sent back to the driver in return. As part of normal protocol, officers run plates however the person who owns the car may not be the person driving the car. This app assists both motorist and officer by providing greater communication immediately as the stop occurs. It provides a comfort to motorists that their information has been sent ahead of time. For officers, they have more insight into who is driving the car, including some information about the driver that could impact interaction like hearing issues, PTSD, Bi-Polar concerns.

Key Features

App is free download for drivers

Driver has greater confidence that their information was sent ahead of time and There will be no misunderstandings

Police gain more insight quicker into the actual driver before approaching the car.

Better communication between Driver and police

Communication must be initiated by the driver by pressing send button

GPS based mobile technology

Text sent to driver’s contact During stop

Transparency for both driver and police

Information is compressed for fast delivery