technology advisory


Our technology advisory services is designed to help businesses make informed decisions about technology investments and leverage technology to achieve strategic goals. Technology trends change so quickly leaving employees frustrated by the software they use.

Backed by over 25 years of experience and in line with changing technology trends, we assist companies in making Buy versus Build decisions to acquire the right software for their  business goals and to support your digital transformation.

Furthermore, our process includes understanding your business needs, pain points, and goals to create a technology plan that leads you where you want to go.
With so many options and technical jargon, choosing the right technology can be confusing. Whether or not you have a chief technology officer (CTO) or chief information officer (CIO) to guide your technology decisions, we act as your technology partner.
At Velocity Technology Associates, we assist you in making informed decisions that improve your operations, reduce Opex, and keep you ahead of the competition by helping you choose the technology that best fits your business needs.


Reliable advice to help you meet your business goals


Strategy that fits your organization


Innovate with purpose and passion


Support partner to assist you going forward

Why partner with velocity

As a technology partner skilled in innovation, we support organizations of all sizes. Moreover, we assist our clients by becoming a critical team member, helping them plan and execute solutions that produce near-term results while positioning them for long-term growth. Additionally, we are passionate technologists who truly love what we do. Every engagement is viewed as an opportunity to give our best effort to help our clients achieve success.

technology advisory